Sunday, February 14, 2016

Ujjain darshan - Mahakaali's blessings

From my childhood days, I am very much obsessed and passionate about Mahakali pooja. It may be because of the stories I heard about King Vikramaditya and famous poet Kalidasa of Ujjain (formerly known as Avantikapuri). Kalidasa got the boons from Mahakaali and became great poet. I too wanted to get boons from Mahakaali. Due to restrictions from family, I never got an opportunity to perform pooja to Mahakaali. From that time, Mahakaali sat in my subconscious mind, waiting for the right time to arrive.

That waiting moment came to me this year during my visit to Ujjain. Mahakaal is the Lord of Time and the main deity in Ujjain. Other important temples in Ujjain are Gad Kaalika temple and Kaal Bhairav temple. Gad Kaalika temple is the place where great poet Kalidasa got his literary skills as a boon from Goddess Kali. I prayed to Goddess Kaalika to bless me and give boons to me as well. My prayers were answered and got the boon in the same day. It is not the magic of one day prayer that got me the result. It's my prayers from many decades with sub conscious & conscious mind for the blessings. The photo of Gad Kaalika is uploaded for the benefit of my readers to get the blessings and boons from her. 

Kaal Bhairav Temple is another historic temple not to be missed. Liquor is offered to Kaal Bhairav as part of worship. The photo of Kaal Bhairav drinking liquor is uploaded below.

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